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Meet the Cats!
(Panthera tigris)

Tigers are classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The largest cat in the world is the Amur, aka Siberian, tiger.  The  Amur, Malayan, Indochinese, South China, Bengal, and Sumatran subspecies  are all declining in the wild due to poaching, persecution, and habitat  loss.  Three subspecies (Caspian, Bali, Javan) have become extinct  since the 1950's.  Overall, there are probably no more than 2500  breeding adult tigers in the wild. There are no subpopulations that  contain over 250 mature individuals.  

White tigers are not a separate subspecies. They are Bengal or  Siberian-Bengal hybrids exhibiting a recessive color. The correct term  for white tigers is chinchilla albinistic: blue eyed, pale-coated, but  having a striped pattern. The chinchilla gene is recessive to the normal  orange color gene. A separate "wide-band" gene, also recessive,  controls spacing and coloration of the stripes, resulting in "pure  white" and "golden tabby" tigers. In the 1950's, Mohan (the first  captive white tiger to be successfully bred) was mated with Radha, one  of his daughters. This produced four white cubs. Typical signs of  inbreeding include crossed eyes, curvature of the spine, twisted necks  and shortened tendons in the legs. As inbreeding worsens, the number of  miscarriages, stillbirths, and unexplained infant mortalities rise. Cubs  that do survive become prone to mysterious illness.

Today white tigers are so numerous in captivity that many are in  sanctuaries for unwanted tigers.  In captivity tigers breed well, with  up to 6 cubs in a litter.  Many of the tigers in circuses or with  private owners are generic (not a pure subspecies and/or parental  lineage unknown), as are some in zoos.

Born: April 28 1998
Arrived at EFBC: June 2013
Fun Fact: Cleo came to us as a retired studio cat.
Favorite Enrichment: Cardboard boxes, fresh rosemary, essentail oils (rosemary, lavender, pine), swimming pool, large Boomerball
Wishlist item: Tipsy Tom
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