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Snow leopard

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Snow leopard
Snow Leopard
(Panthera uncia)

Classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, Snow leopards are native to the mountainous regions of Central and South Asia. They have specialized adaptations for life in steep rugged terrain at high elevations by having thick fur, stocky bodies, and shorter legs. Their tails are long and bushy, aiding in their ability to leap and bound up rocky mountain sides. Their tails are thick, and act as additional fat storage. Their tails also act as additional warmth, as they can wrap their tails around their body and tuck their faces inward to protect from wind. Snow leopards, like tigers, chuff, and do not posses the ability to roar. Snow leopards are primarily solitary, and are ambush hunters. Persecuted by local farmers as livestock killers, and  poached illegally for their thick beautiful fur. This is not a  subspecies of leopard, it is a completely distinct species. Specialized  for life in steep rugged terrain at high elevations.

Sex: Male
Born: May 24 2016
Arrived at EFBC: May 2019 from Metro Richmond Zoo
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