Cat House

Project Tiger


2012: Plaque listing major donators installed. Pools finished and large logs added. The safety railing is done, so visitors can now walk out and see the project up close. CATS ARRIVED NOVEMBER 19!!!! - Tiga

2011: Final outside painting & welding is done, sprinklers, and the majority of the public walkway. We actually put the nearly-finished enclosure to good use while temporarily housing 3 young Amur leopard cubs, watch them playing outside!

2010: Rock wall #1 DONE!, side #2 as well. Welding on the second half is also now done, and the painting. Rock wall in progress side #1.

2009: sidewalks poured for the public walkway. Finished painting side #1, not easy 20 feet in the air! Trees planted. Rock wall with caves next.

2008: skirting for first pool, entire inside of den building done

December 07: The inside cages for the south side of Project Tiger are nearly done!

May 07: THANKS to the 6 people who came and helped wire-brush and begin painting on Project Tiger!

Jan 07: Project Tiger Update. Total Project Budget $125,000. Total funds received as restricted donations to "Project Tiger" = $71,903. Funds utilized from general operating account = $22,971. Expenditures to date = $89,874. Thus far the holding/den building have been completed. The pools have been constructed except for the top coating and surrounding curtains which cannot be completed until after the landscaping is done. Pump and filter systems for the pools are installed. Material for the outside caging has been purchased and is currently being installed. At the beginning of this project we had great response, however since 9/11 and all the recent natural disasters and wars, donations have slowed down dramatically. Costs of building materials have also increased.

Jan 06: Welding is underway again both on the outside of Project Tiger and the inside cages.

The Project Tiger building housed over 30 MORE small cats in November when Pat Quillen's place near Escondido burned in a wildfire.

Late 02: Project Tiger: More block walls for the pumps & access area are built, and the inside holding pens and outside walls are under construction. The septic tank/leach lines are in, and more concrete has been poured.

Early 02: We received a grant for the pools and Alan Jackson Pools, Inc. is putting them in, yay! Thanks to them for donating $7000 worth of the cost and doing research to learn how to build a tiger-proof pool.

Late 01: Recent Project Tiger work includes the concrete and plumbing and electrical work in the den building and the doors for the building.

Early 01: The roof on Project Tiger's den area is done! Check out the inside - the slab is next.

Fall 2000: Den walls for Project Tiger done, roofing to commence.

Summer 2000: The den walls for Project Tiger are nearly complete and funding is almost there to purchase the roofing materials.

A walkway towards the Project Tiger construction lets visitors watch the progress.

Early February: Project Tiger is still growing

January 2000: Two angles showing Project Tiger den construction - wow, it's huge!

Winter 99: Foundation for den area for Project Tiger is being worked on.

Fall 99: Ground prep work continues on Project Tiger.
Ready to pour foundation of Project Tiger
Our construction crane, with Christmas decoration & birds

In late 1998 we began construction of our largest habitats, the Tiger exhibit area. Two large cages will be built with swimming pools for these large cats that like to swim. This will be a three part project, we have enough funding for Phase 1 so far.


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