Cat House

Group Tour Area


2010: new walk-in freezer in use! Late 2009 work began on a new HUGE walk-in freezer adjacent to the new Dietary Preparation Center. The old walk-in was on the other side of the compound and due to its small size we were limited in our choice of chicken companies, as we did not meet the minimum order size for delivery. Joe had to pick up the pieces and drive them from Wisconsin to California, and a new slab, roof, and loading dock were constructed as well.

We also repaired the sidewalks in the public area - poplar trees are pretty but have nasty roots! In addition, we completely refurbished each enclosure in the upper exhibit area - new den boxes, paint, dirt.

2009 started with new colorful signs telling people where to turn. Spring 2009 saw the tear-down of half of the "main", our oldest cages, and work on replacement cages was completed mid-year. 6 new leopard cages are being put to use.

2008 saw the addition of a desert landscaped entryway and perimeter bushes, as well as a building for our main generator and new exhibit signs.

August 07: Shade structure built over our Group Tour area, for those 120 degree days!

May 07: New cement poured for the bleachers for Group Tour area.

July 2005 - new DPC in use, thanks all for the donations. This concrete block building was designed to be easy cleaning and has storage and refrigerator/freezer space inside. With heat in the winter and air in the summer, it makes the food preparation and cleanup work MUCH better than ever before!


As with everything age takes it toll. Our DPC (Dietary Preparation Center), almost 30 years old, finally gave out. This building was originally a mobile home type trailer altered to serve as our kitchen and diet prep center. With the continued cleaning and washing of dishes and food thawing cabinets, water damage could not be avoided. We were beginning to have problems with the entrance door and upon an attempt to replace the door and frame we discovered that water damage had progressed into the sub-floor and walls to the point that repairs would not be feasible. One thing that doesn't change is that our feline family needs to eat. Emergency measures were taken and again the Project Tiger building came to the rescue. Everything (sinks, freezers, uprights, utensils and supplies) was moved to this building so as to avoid any long term disruption of the cat's feeding routine. Unfortunately there is no hot water in the building so washing and sanitizing takes a little longer.

Late 01: We've finished installing the pathway lighting that we received a Kern County grant for (photo 2).

Fall 2000: The walk-in freezer is in use.

Summer 2000: Quarantine cages are in use. Also two concrete pads were poured to support a donated walk-in freezer (yay!) and a large air conditioner for the gift shop. A bunch of donated oleanders were planted as a wind break (far from any cages - yes, we know oleander is poisonous).

Winter 99: Some raccoons were visiting, a zoo in Russia requested some for display. Quarantine cages still in work.

Quarantine cages closer to done

Fall 99: We're building 3 quarantine/recovery cages behind the clinic.
Quarantine cage construction
Our construction crane, with Christmas decoration & birds
Beautiful sunset at EFBC/FCC

Mid 99: Several of the small cat cages have been enlarged and grass/trees added.

In 1998 we opened three new smaller-sized natural habitat cages. 3 new cages

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