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Jungle cat

Meet the Cats!
Jungle cat
Jungle Cat
(Felis chaus)

Native to the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, Jungle cats are currently classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List. They are the most common wild cat found in India. The Jungle cat is very closely related to the domestic cat. Visually Jungle cats have a slightly  shorter tail and longer legs than domestic cats. They are mostly commonly seen with the gray color morph, but melanistic and albino color morphs have been reported. While they lack spots, they do have a black colored tail tip. Males weigh in at approximately 15 pounds and females at approximately 10  pounds. Jungle cats are also known as the swamp cat and reed cat. They are not commonly found in jungles, but rather along wetlands. They are diurnal, meaning that they are most active during the day. Jungle cats prey items are primarily birds, rodents, and fish; they will dive in water to  catch fish or escape predation. They are solitary felines, and will only pair up during mating seasons. Jungle cat populations are primarily threatened by the destruction of wetlands, trapping and posioning.

Born: January 1
Arrived at EFBC: December from Animal Control in Peachtree Georgia  
Fun Fact: Surrendered to EFBC/FCC after being illegally owned
Favorite Enrichment: Paper lawn bags, frozen whole prey (mice)
Wishlist item: Lawn Leaf Bags
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