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History of EFBC's Feline Conservation Center
Joseph Maynard founded EFBC's Feline Conservation Center (EFBC/FCC) in 1977 and opened to the public as a nonprofit in 1983. EFBC/FCC is home to over 60 of the world's most endangered felines, spanning over 16 different species. EFBC/FCC is a  conservation, education, and research facility. Funds received are used for  the care and support of the compound's animals and long-term goals,  which include a natural history museum and public education programs.  The older enclosures are slowly being replaced by large natural habitat enclosures as funds become available.

EFBC's Feline Conservation Center is part of a  worldwide network of zoos and facilities dedicated to the preservation  of endangered cats. We are involved in  cooperative breeding projects with other zoos and facilities throughout  the world. The majority of EFBC's cats are not abandoned pets as you  would find at a rescue facility. Cats at the EFBC/FCC are registered within Species360 and the Species Survival Plan (SSP) or Population Management Plan (PMP), and contribute to species conservation. Cubs born here are often  sent to other zoos for their conservation programs. We do NOT sell cats to  the public.

Our Board of Directors is currently composed of:
  • Dr. Kristi Krause, DVM, President
  • Larry Purcell, Vice President
  • Nancy Vandermey, Secretary
  • Dr. Scott Weldy, DVM
  • George Radda
  • Christy Cregut, Treasurer

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