Cat House

7th annual Fabulous Feline Follies
September 21 1996

Our main fundraiser every year is the Fabulous Feline Follies dinner/dance/auction/raffle. Follies '96 was held at EFBC/FCC in Rosamond, CA on 21 September. Our goal was to raise $15,000 in cash and materials towards the construction of a much needed breeding area specifically designed to meet the needs of the small endangered felines. Renato DeGuia of Flewelling and Moody in Lancaster made this artist's rendition of the Small Cat Breeding Compound

We met our goal! Over $17,500 raised!

In the past, little attention was paid to the "Little" Big Cats such as the Flat-headed, Margay, Black-footed, and Marbled cats. They were not the magnificent Tigers and Leopards that the world placed in the spotlight of conservation causes. Although little is known about these elusive felines, it is well known that their continued survival is essential for a balanced ecosystem. These very small felines, some weighing only 4.5 pounds at maturity, require special considerations to breed successfully in captivity. EFBC/FCC has the space and the knowledge to meet these needs and make a substantial contribution to the global captive breeding program.

You and/or your company can still help with a cash donation or with materials needed for the construction of the small cat breeding area. Please help us save the "Little" Big Cats from extinction.

Donations of auction items are welcome year-round, please email or call (661) 256-3793 for details. Or mail items to:
3718 60th St West
Rosamond, CA 93560.



All sponsors will receive their name and sponsorship level engraved on the Archway (entrance to the small cat breeding area) when constructed. FFF 96 Sponsors and levels were:

Platinum Sponsor - $1000 or more
  • Richard and Jakki Baker
  • Jim and Debbie Wenck
Gold Sponsor - $500 or more
  • EFBC/AAZK chapter
Silver Sponsor - $250 or more
  • Antelope Valley Bank
  • Steven Crutchfield
  • Jeff and Ann Conrad
Bronze Sponsors - $150 or more
  • Nancy Paulikas
  • James, Renae, Lay, and Anne Larsen
  • Charles and Dianne Kulp
  • Hazel Martin Studios
  • Falana
  • Terrie Jacks
  • Hans and Carolyn Einstein
  • Pat and Cliff Crader
  • Dee and Jeff Crothers