Cat House

11th annual Fabulous Feline Follies
Saturday, 19 August 2000

Our main fundraiser every year is the Fabulous Feline Follies dinner/auction/raffle- we raised over $16,000 this year! Held on a Saturday evening at EFBC/FCC in Rosamond, CA, you can walk around the compound and visit the cats during the evening. "Zoo to You" educational handlers were there walking their trained cats amongst the diners - a tiger, cougar, and fishing cat, which were all well-behaved and very popular. We hope to have them back next year.

The theme for this year's Follies was "The Elusive Leopard". Among the most abundant species, outnumbering many other feline populations, Panthera pardus is hardly ever seen. Its elusive behaviour and resourcefulness have earned it the reputation as the most intelligent in the cat family. Thought for years to be solitary by nature, recent studies are showing more evidence that male leopards often share responsibility of rearing cubs with the females. Typically, however, most females are left on their own when it comes to ensuring the survival of their young. Hunting and catching prey with hardly a sound is a stealth-mode the military would love to figure out. It is not the strongest or the largest cat, yet it inhabits almost every climate imaginable - from the deserts and grasslands of Africa to the snow covered forests of Siberia - making it the most adaptable of felines. The rare glimpses we are allowed into a leopard's life are to be treasured and remembered. We at EFBC/FCC are constantly amazed and entertained by our own leopard residents. Although the leopard species' population is large, each sub-species is strained. Some like the Amur leopard teeter on the brink of extinction. EFBC/FCC is continuing to work to ensure the survival of the world's endangered felines through breeding research and education.

Donations of auction items are welcome year-round, please email or call (661) 256-3793 for details. Or mail items to:
3718 60th St West
Rosamond, CA 93560.



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