Cat House

Donations Needed

Of course we always need money, check the Membership information if you aren't a member yet! Our federal tax ID number is 95-3808610. You can read financial information and donate online through Network for Good. If you're a US government employee, you can donate with payroll deductions through the CFC program - select cause #03169.

SPECIAL THANKS to Dori Rincon, who donated her mom's doll collection for us to sell!

SPECIAL THANKS to the family of Alicia Cox, for establishing a memorial fund for their daughter - the tree is doing well.

SPECIAL THANKS to Gail Lyon, for refurbishing many of our benches in the visitor area - the desert heat & cold really do a number on outdoor benches!

For those of you with unneeded equipment, there are plenty of other items the compound needs that you can then write-off on your taxes. Items needed:
  • Help getting us set up on wind or solar power
  • Raven-proof attractive trash cans for the yard
  • Sturdy picnic tables and outdoor benches
  • Landscaping materials - plants, trees (that can survive in the desert!)
  • Electric golf carts
  • Small pickup truck for yard use (non-highway)
  • 4/0 THHN electrical wire, copper
  • Computer projector, for IBM or Mac
  • Frozen whole chickens or turkeys, with NO additives (ie not butter-basted)
  • Live feeder goldfish (or larger live fish), for the fishing cats & serval
  • Opium perfume - studies have shown ocelots really like the scent!
  • large Boomer (tm) toys - call 708-546-6125 for a catalog

Mr. Brandt Bishop presents a $1000 check from Boeing Company Employees Community Fund Program. Mr Bishop, who works at Boeing-Long Beach, submitted our name to this program. Many other companies and corporations have similar programs - check if yours does!


The former World Pet Society donated $1400 in April 2004 - THANKS!!!