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Canadian Lynx
(Lynx canadensis)
sign The Canadian and Eurasian lynx are both Least Concern, however the Iberian (or Spanish) lynx is Endangered. The population in estimated at 1200 in Spain and 100 in Portugal. They could decline 20 percent in the next 10 years due to habitat loss and reduced numbers of their main prey species, the European rabbit. The Canadian lynx is becoming very rare in the northern United States due to hunting, habitat destruction, and competition with the more aggressive bobcat. The Canadian lynx is smaller than the Eurasian (aka Siberian) and more gray in coloration. Also highly dependent on rabbits, lynx populations closely follow those of rabbits. The Eurasian, Iberian, and Canadian lynxes are separate species, not subspecies.
Canadian Lynx at EFBC/FCC
Male, arrived here June 29 2008 at 7.5 weeks old. Died early 2017 More Photos:
Arrivals 2008

Video/sounds of Canada lynx