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Amur leopard

Meet the Cats!
Amur leopard
Amur Leopard
(Panthera pardus orientalis)

One of the most endangered big cats in the world, they are on the IUCN Critically Endangered Red list.  They lost 80% of their range in the wild just between 1970-1983.  Also called the Manchurian or Korean leopard, they occupy a remote area of the China-Russia border (the Amur River valley) and China-North Korea (the Ussuri River valley).  In China and Korea they are on the verge of extinction, and in Russia they are estimated to number 30-50 adults.  Efforts to save the Siberian (Amur) tiger will also help this cat, as the larger range protected for the tiger will also make room for the leopard.  However, with the breakup of Russia and widespread illegal trade of tiger and leopard products in Asian countries, both of these cats could be extinct in the wild in a few short years.  The Amur leopard is the type of cat EFBC/FCC is concentrating on with our breeding programs.  We have several adults we imported from European zoos (Tallin, Helsinki, Moscow, and Berlin) to spread out the captive bloodlines and minimize inbreeding.  


Sex: Female,
Born: March 20 2015
Arrived at EFBC: May 2016
Fun Fact: Daughter of Sergei who was born at EFBC.
Favorite Enrichment: Fresh rosemary, cardboard boxes
Wishlist item: Wobble

Sex: Male
Born: June 16 2015
Arrived at EFBC: October 2018 from San Diego Zoo
Fun Fact: Born in Italy at the Parco Faunistico La Torbiera
Favorite Enrichment:
Wishlist item: Wobble

Sex: Male
Born: May 14 2011
Arrived at EFBC: May 2016 from San Diego Zoo
Fun Fact: Is a brother and litter-mate of Zeya, lived here in late 2011/early 2012 before returning in 2016
Favorite Enrichment: Beef heart and steak
Wishlist item: Snack Shack

Born: May 14 2011
Arrived at EFBC: 2013 from San Diego Zoo
Fun Fact: Is a sister and litter-mate of Koshka, lived here in late 2011/early 2012 before returning in 2013
Favorite Enrichment: Essential oils (rosemary, pine, lavender)
Wishlist item: Scratcher

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