Cat House


Adoptive parents don't get to take their cat home - they pay their cat's food bill on a month-by-month basis, so the price varies depending on the size of the cat. For example, a tiger is $210 a month to adopt; smaller cats are $80-90/month. Check if your company has a matching donation program! You can also adopt one-half of a cat (but you always get the half that eats!) You receive an 8x10 color photo of your cat, and your name is mounted on a plaque on their cage. You also receive full membership benefits, including free admission for you and your friends when you visit, as well as free admission to the summer Twilight Tour. Minimum committment is 6 months. Pay for 11 months at once, get the 12th month free!

Cats available:
  • Please call 661.256.3793
Use this Form to adopt a cat

Sometimes we have a waiting list to adopt a cat. Instead of waiting, why not make a Project Tiger donation if you already have a membership? Or get a brick on the Walk of Honor?

If you are an adoptive parent you can have your name and/or email address and/or URL listed here
  • Rick Spears adopts Cisco and took advantage of the "pay 11 months, get one free" deal - thanks Rick!
  • Doug and Kristine Rand from Bernalillo, New Mexico adopt Tran, Obi, and Caesar
  • Tori is adopted by keeper Melany and her husband Jim
  • Michael & Jan Cross are Doc's parents. "We love to camp at Soledad Canyon and visit Doc as often as we can".
  • Gregori's dad, Brent Prindle, had his son painted on his racing motorcycle. He also adopts Rico and Boris
  • Willow is adopted by Jeff and Ann Conrad
  • Masha's parents, Andrei Vernikov and Maria ("Masha") Morozova, say "Privet" (Hello) from Moscow, Russia
  • Steve Crutchfield, longtime supporter, is foster parent to Ted

Adoptive parents are full EFBC/FCC members. The adoption is month-to-month, but we expect a minimum 6 month commitment. If 11 months are paid at the same time, you get the 12th month free. These donations are tax-deductible. Call (661) 256-3793 for more information.

The cats eat mostly chicken as their daily diet. They are fasted Wednesdays and Saturdays because in the wild, they only eat when they make a kill, which isn't every day. On special occasions (Christmas and birthdays), the cats get a treat - a whole chicken or turkey! They also supplement their diet with any small bird, snake, or lizard foolish enough to enter their cage.