Cat House

Aerial Masha boris teshi

We have changed our name from Exotic Feline Breeding Compound (EFBC) to EFBC's Feline Conservation Center (EFBC/FCC), so you'll see both names mentioned here. Our Board of Directors is currently composed of: Home to over 70 of the world's most endangered felines, EFBC/FCC is a breeding zoo and research facility. Funds received are used for the care and support of the compound's animals and long-term goals, which include a natural history museum and public education programs. The older cages are slowly being replaced by large natural habitat enclosures that rival those found at the best zoos-check out our current construction page to see what's in progress. Enrichment programs keep the cats active. EFBC's Feline Conservation Center is part of a worldwide network of zoos and facilities dedicated to the preservation of endangered cats, acting as a modern-day ark in the face of human overpopulation and mass extinction of animal species. We are involved in cooperative breeding projects with other zoos and facilities throughout the world. The majority of FCC's cats are not abandoned pets as you would find at a rescue facility, they are purebred animals that are registered within ISIS and the Species Survival Plan (SSP) or Population Management Plan (PMP) for each cat species. Cubs born here are often sent to other zoos for their breeding programs. We do NOT sell cats to the public.